‘Atheist Church’ Comes to Melbourne, Australia April 19, 2013

‘Atheist Church’ Comes to Melbourne, Australia

The Sunday Assembly, fresh off international press and successful events in London, is coming to Melbourne, Australia this weekend:

The Sunday Assembly, the godless get together from London, is coming to Melbourne. It’s part-foot-stomping show, part-atheist church, and 100% celebration of life.

Expect excellent songs, great readings, a super talk and a lovely cup of tea with wonderful people at the end.

The speaker is the brilliant Luke Ryan hilarious cancer survivor, and all round good chap, as we contemplate how very bad things that will definitely happen to us.

It was set up in London by Sanderson Jones (who is gutted not to be there having sold so many of you tickets by hand) and Pippa Evans (who is excited to be there).

Melbourne, we are super excited at this first international Assembly. Hope you are too.

Very exciting, and — to ward off the obvious complaints — no, this doesn’t mean atheism is a religion. It just means atheists, too, enjoy community and the chance to come together and celebrate life.

(via Token Skeptic)

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