‘Interview an Atheist at Church’ Day is Growing! April 18, 2013

‘Interview an Atheist at Church’ Day is Growing!

A couple of months ago, I posted about a project that was the brainchild of Kile Jones and Tia Carley. Their idea was to invite pastors to interview an atheist during church. Not a debate. Just a public dialogue to let the congregation understand where the atheists were coming from and to help dismantle stereotypes about us.

Kile just posted an update to the project and it looks like it’s taking off! Admittedly, there are *way* more atheists than pastors interested… but hats off to the pastors who are willing to participate:

Interview an Atheist at Church Day got going even faster after two things happened: I began emailing pastors in the areas where atheists were willing to be interviewed. And Doug Pagitt, an “emergent church” pastor in Minnesota, suggested that we take the “day” literally and set up a nation-wide event for May 5, 2013. “I think churches would benefit greatly from having open discussions with atheists, for many reasons,” Pagitt says. “One big reason — every church I have ever known has atheists in its pews, normally keeping a very low profile. So, Interview an Atheist at Church Day is a chance to hear not only from outsiders, but from people within our churches.

They have 18 interviews already set up and hopefully they will all be videotaped and posted online. If you know any pastors who might want to participate, have them contact Kile!

All the videos and updates to the project will be posted on their Facebook page. Can’t wait to see the results 🙂

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