Are Atheists More Green-Friendly Than Christians? April 18, 2013

Are Atheists More Green-Friendly Than Christians?

Not that kind.

Southern California Public Radio has been running a series called “God is in the garden,” exploring the intersection of religion and environmental values. Molly Peterson writes that atheists responded to the series, too, because there’s plenty to say about how religion has hurt the environment and how a godless outlook can alter how you feel about the world you live in:

To start, several people say they find skepticism about climate change among some evangelical Christians troubling. David Wolf of Loma Linda wrote, “those who believe in the literal truth of the Bible may be apt to deny the reality of climate change as they believe that Jesus may return tomorrow, in which case, why save the environment today?”

In this current of thought, a sense of entitlement stemming from faith in God is a harmful force. “My atheism may strengthen my environmental ethics, because I don’t expect any magical solutions to the problems we create,” wrote Ann Tiplady of Vermont.

You would think Christians would do a better job of caring for the environment seeing as they believe God created it for them… but if I had to choose one side as the most green-friendly, my money’s on the people who believe we’re all interconnected and that we should preserve this world since it’s the only one we’ll ever be a part of, instead of the people who think climate change is a liberal hoax and that long-term planning is useless since Jesus is coming back for them in the near future, anyway.

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