A Virtual Creation Zoo, Created by Kids, Endorsed by Ignorant Adults April 17, 2013

A Virtual Creation Zoo, Created by Kids, Endorsed by Ignorant Adults

I don’t want to mock a child for not understanding how evolution works — most adults don’t either — but I sure as hell can call out the adults who egg them on, denying them the knowledge of how beautiful evolution really is.

Like the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham, who just found out that a few kids created an online “Virtual Creation Zoo” and couldn’t be prouder:

… These three children have pinpointed the primary issue surrounding disbelief in God’s Word: man’s stubbornly rebellious heart and willful ignorance of the truth.

Now, their “zoo” continues to be developed, but visitors can find out information on a variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, and marine life—even dinosaurs! And all of the information is from a creationist perspective, drawing on resources from Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, and other creation organizations.

Oh, this should be good… let’s take a look at the creatures profiled in this virtual zoo:

God’s Leafy Sea Dragon:

Only God can create an animal with the brains and instinct to know where, how and when to hide, what and how to eat, to reproduce, and the list goes on. Time and chance produce nothing but chaos. God’s creativity produced millions of species of plants, birds, and land animals and sea creatures.

The wombat:

The wombat is not a product of random chaos (evolution) but rather a testimony to an all-knowing, intelligent, almighty creator God who wisely designed it with all its features to live in a harsh climate as the Australian bush.

The Australian Feral Camel:

God thoughtfully designed the camel for its later desert life even though it used to live in a lush, tropical environment before the Flood in Noah’s time. Camels could not evolve the abilitxy to store food in their hump nor go without water, it had to be designed at the start or they would have died out almost immediately due to the harsh desert conditions. Since its creation on day six of the creation week, the camel has not evolved but remained the same as God originally created it.

Those kids are young. They have time to learn things like how camels could indeed have “evolve[d] the ability to store food in their hump.”

But there’s no excuse for their parents or pseudoscience pushers like Ham to tell them they’re on the right track, when all the scientific evidence in the world suggests otherwise. It’s unfair to the children to be brainwashed and used like this.

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