Catholic League’s Bill Donohue on the Purpose of Marriage: ‘It’s Not About Making People Happy; It’s Not About Love’ April 13, 2013

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue on the Purpose of Marriage: ‘It’s Not About Making People Happy; It’s Not About Love’

Who knows more about the Bible? The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue or Current TV’s John Fugelsang?

Or, to put it another way, the guy who makes a living as a self-proclaimed spokesperson for his faith, or the guy who makes a living asking questions?

Yeah, we all know where this is going…

Some of the highlights:

2:10: Fugelsang asks: “Shouldn’t the Christians be the ones leading the fight for compassion, and acceptance, and love?”

Donohue’s retort? “The whole purpose of marriage is to have a family. It’s not about making people happy; it’s not about love.”

It’s not? That’s news to… well… everybody except Bill Donohue.

But what about sterile people?

“Anatomically, they’re equipped,” said Donohue.

2:55: Fugelsang argues that children raised by gay or lesbian parents turn out just fine and Donohue somehow argues otherwise: “The data are so recent!”

3:55: Fugelsang asks where in Scripture homosexuality is condemned. Donohue’s answer: “Leviticus.”

Fugelsang: Do you follow Leviticus?

Donohue: What do you mean, “follow Leviticus”? Do I sleep with a man? No, I don’t! [Laughs] Never have, have no interest in doing so!

Fugelsang: You’re wearing a very nice shirt. Is it made of two different fibers?

Donohue: Uh, yeah.

Fugelsang: Do you eat bacon?

Donohue: Yes, I do.

Fugelsang: Do you work on Saturdays?

Donohue: Yes, I do.

Fugelsang: So you violate Leviticus just like George Michael!

Donohue: Well, I think there’s a little bit of difference between what kind of shirt I buy and two guys having anal sex, don’t you?

Fugelsang: … what I’m saying is you don’t follow Leviticus!

5:07: Donohue breaks out his ultimate argument against gay marriage: Mother’s Day. What do you say on Mother’s Day to a child who has two fathers? (Fugelsang: “You say Happy Father’s Day twice!”)

7:55: Donohue defends the Catholic Church by saying that fewer than “5% of any of these molesting priests were pedophiles; most of them were homosexuals.”

8:50: Donohue argues that inappropriate touching is not a big deal. Rape really isn’t a big deal in the church. And that’s why Bill Maher’s jokes against the Church are an outrage! (to which Fugelsang says what we’re all thinking: “… you’re more outraged about the scorn being heaped on the scandal than the actual scandal!”) Donohue admits minutes later that rape is, in fact, a bigger deal than Maher’s jokes.

10:37: Fugelsang asks what Jesus ever said about gay people. Donohue responds by saying Jesus didn’t say anything about it, but Jesus also didn’t say anything “about cheating on your taxes, either.” (Fugelsang: “He said to pay your taxes, right…?”)

Hats off to John Fugelsang for a wonderful interview. He held his own against a profession jerk and made Donohue look like even more of an ignorant bigot than he normally does — quite a feat.

But I guess we can all thank Donohue for helping us write the most romantic speech of all-time: “I don’t love you. And you don’t make me happy. Now, let’s get married and have babies. Screw you, gays!”

(Thanks to Mepper for the link)

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