Camp Quest Responds to Oklahoma Restaurant’s Cancellation of Fundraiser April 12, 2013

Camp Quest Responds to Oklahoma Restaurant’s Cancellation of Fundraiser

Earlier this week, Camp Quest Oklahoma was scheduled to hold a fundraiser at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ (in the city of Broken Arrow), but the owner of the place told them — after the event had already started — that he would not be giving them anything because he disagreed with their beliefs.

There has been an outpouring of support from across the Internet in response to this treatment, and Camp Quest issued this statement on their website:

Since the cancellation, Camp Quest Oklahoma has raised over $5,000 in donations, and these donations have come from Christians as well as members of the secular community. We know that Mr. Davidson’s views and actions do not represent all Christians, and have been especially heartened to see messages and donations from Christians like one man on facebook who said “I am Christian and read on Reddit what happened. Donated because what they did was ridiculous. Hope it helps.”

It’s disappointing, that in light of the restaurant’s prior approval, Mr. Davidson let his ignorance about secular people get in the way of honoring the commitment that his restaurant made to hold this event. We hope that Mr. Davidson learns that supporting children going to a camp where they have positive adult role models, science activities, and are encouraged to think for themselves is consistent with both secular and Christian values.

It’s never too late to support what Camp Quest does, in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

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