Turkish Creationist: Islam Encourages Scientific Progress… Wait, What? April 11, 2013

Turkish Creationist: Islam Encourages Scientific Progress… Wait, What?

This is Harun Yahya (a.k.a. Adnan Oktar) in the introduction to his book Atlas of Creation: Volume 1:

Some 150 years ago, the British naturalist Charles Darwin proposed a theory based on various observations made during his travels, but which could not be supported by any subsequent scientific findings. In essence, his theory of evolution consisted of various scenarios, assumptions and conjectures that Darwin dreamed up in his own imagination.

Harun Yahya/Adnan Oktar

And this is Yahya writing for the Huffington Post the other day under the headline “Islam Encourages Scientific Progress“:

Science is an important reality that enables us to know the universe we inhabit, the Earth and our own bodies and to be able to appreciate all the beauties around us. Scientific advances have enlightened human life and opened the door to a healthier way of living…

The spread of scientific thinking and concentration on rationality will further increase the numbers of such people and the contributions they make. That is why it needs to be better understood that the Quran encourages rational thinking and scientific research and activity. In this way, more enlightened people will appear from within the Islamic world and bearing in mind that societies are today in ever greater interaction with one another, such progress will clearly be of great benefit to both the Islamic world and to the world as a whole.

There’s obviously no doubt that Muslims have contributed to the scientific and mathematical worlds and will continue to do so… but Yahya is the worst possible spokesperson for them. As someone who denies the “important reality” of science, he has no business extolling how wonderful it is.

And I would tell him so except — surprise! — the comment section on the post is closed.

How did he get to post this, anyway? Doesn’t Huffington Post have standards?!

Oh… right.

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