Penn & Teller Receive Star on the Walk of Fame April 8, 2013

Penn & Teller Receive Star on the Walk of Fame

Over the weekend, magicians Penn & Teller were presented with a star on the Walk of Fame by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce… because, for some reason unknown to me, they didn’t already have one.

David Copperfield and South Park’s Trey Parker were on hand to present them with the honor:

James Randi, who was thanked in their remarks, had this to say about the duo:

I can’t tell you how proud I am of The Guys. If I had anything to do with their worldview or their stunning success, I will only say that without their personal integrity, and their adherence to the best principles of both show business and fair treatment of their audiences, they could not have received this very prestigious honor. They are among the leading voices for rationality in the world today, and I know they will continue speaking truth through the Bullshit — hey, that’s a good name for a show! They have never disappointed me, they have never let me down in any way — something I cannot say about all those persons to whom I have reached out — and I am confident not only of their continued success, but of their ability to delight me in all ways. My personal love and congratulations.

They had plenty of missteps on their show Bullshit! and there’s always criticism of Penn’s political views, but by and large, they’ve done a great job of bringing people inside their world of magic (but keeping them guessing regardless), showing them the man behind the curtain, and allowing their audiences to extrapolate how those same ideas might apply to the rest of their lives (*cough*religion*cough*).

Hats off to them for the honor.

(via JREF)

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