Christian Pastor: This Is Why Those Bigger, More Popular Churches Are Doing It Wrong April 8, 2013

Christian Pastor: This Is Why Those Bigger, More Popular Churches Are Doing It Wrong

Question: How do you get atheists to listen to a church sermon?

Answer: You spend an hour talking about how those other, bigger, more popular churches are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad places.

Say hello to our friend Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. The good stuff begins at the 1:48 mark:

You know, the church that you’re sitting in right now, Faithful Word Baptist Church, is not the type of church that most Christians are sitting in this morning. It just simply isn’t. The vast majority of Christians today are sitting in churches that would be classified as a “new evangelical church” or the “megachurch” movement.

What I like to call “The Fun Center.” The “fun” church. And, basically, there’s a movement today getting away from the old paths, getting away from old-fashioned preaching, getting away from an old-fashioned Bible-believing church, and it’s this modern, new church, newfangled, rock-and-roll, NIV, party, fun type of a church. And it’s not a biblical church.

And I’m gonna explain to you what’s wrong with that movement. Because not only is the church that you’re sitting in not that type of church, but Faithful Word Baptist Church does not even want to begin to resemble this type of movement in any way, shape, or form.

You say, “Why don’t you do things a little more like… CORNERSTONE?!” Down in Chandler [Arizona]. *Fake gasp* Can’t believe you just named the name!

Because I’ve seen their billboards. They put up a sign that said, “Church for people who don’t like church.” Well, that’s not me, I love church! I love the Bible! I love the Lord Jesus Christ! I’m not looking for a church that’s geared toward people who don’t like church, and then they had another one up that said, “Religion…” — and I’m gonna tone this down for you — “Religion stinks.” It said something worse than that, but I’m just gonna give you, you know, my toned-down version. It said “Religion stinks.”

No it doesn’t! No, it doesn’t stink! Religion is a good thing. And I’m gonna preach to you, biblically-speaking, why that whole movement is misguided and why we are not changing, and why we are not gonna change with the times, we’re not gonna become a “contemporary” type church.

We are gonna stay a traditional, old-fashioned, Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church. Until Doomsday.

According to Anderson, the number one problem with those churches is that they spend too much time trying to reach out to unchurched people and not enough time preaching to the already-converted.

And apparently the logic behind cleverly-worded billboards is lost on him.

Because a movement only grows when you only talk to people who already agree with you.

Infighting is fun!

Side note: A lot of you have been wondering what this church looks like beyond the view we see in the video. Let’s satisfy that curiosity:

It seats about 70 people by my count.

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