Have a Good Friday… Night! April 2, 2013

Have a Good Friday… Night!

This past Friday — Good Friday — the Secular Student Alliance at the University of South Carolina decided to have a little fun with their student body. They got together a bunch of members, their tabling supplies, some flyers, and… condoms.

Taking a page out of the Illini Secular Student Alliance‘s book, they decided to tell their fellow students to “Have a Good Friday… Night!”

Perhaps due to the University of South Carolina’s low Catholic population, general friendliness of the student body, or the fact that they were passing out condoms, the event was a huge success! SSAUSC reports that they were out of condoms and flyers by 1:00PM that Friday. They had started tabling around 11:00 that morning.

Are you aware that the Vatican still disallows the use of condoms?

Did you know that the Catholic church deliberately spreads misinformation about condom use, even going so far as to state that the use of condoms actually promotes the spreading of HIV, despite all evidence to the contrary?

Stay Safe.

Ignore the Vatican.

Use a God-Damned Condom.

And Have a “Good Friday” Night!

However, despite rapidly running out of tabling supplies and having a fantastic time, not everyone was a fan of what SSAUSC was doing (or their existence).

What I’m most amused about is how he doesn’t clarify his point — is he upset that the Secular Student Alliance happens to exist on Good Friday? Or is he upset about the condoms? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m moderately sure atheists don’t go into hiding or cease to exist just because it happens to be a “holy” day in a particular culture.

Good job, SSAUSC, for promoting safer sex practices while enlightening the general public to the absurdity of the Catholic church’s stance!

(Full disclosure: I totally attend the University of South Carolina.)

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