Tesseracts and the Rosetta Stone April 1, 2013

Tesseracts and the Rosetta Stone

This is a nifty story: Nearly 14 years ago, Neal Yeager recorded a song that was inspired by his heroes Carl Sagan and James Randi. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, the song has been “rediscovered” and it’s getting a lot of play on online radio stations.

Check it out — it’s easy to tell why people are enjoying it:

They say a man can bend a spoon with his will
They say she could read your thoughts at 50 paces
There is a luminous glow surrounding our bodies changing colors with our moods it pulses and it shifts
And have you seen the Virgin in the streaks of a dirty window?

Tesseracts and the Rosetta Stone will crumble to dust while the tabloids sell millions
Tesseracts and the Rosetta Stone, we long to have something else calling

Damn, that cello’s awesome.

If you like the song, the album it’s on is still available for purchase.

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