President of the National Atheist Party Issues An Abrupt Resignation March 31, 2013

President of the National Atheist Party Issues An Abrupt Resignation

Less than a month after his group had its first-ever convention, Troy Boyle, the co-founder and President of the National Atheist Party, abruptly resigned from his position on Saturday:

He made the announcement on Facebook and explained the reason why in the comments:

An increasing lack of cooperation by the Executive Board; and a need to concentrate on my two careers of Law and Comics.

The organization released a statement on their website, though the explanation (as you might expect) doesn’t really go into a lot of detail about what happened behind the scenes:

This of course comes not only as a shock to the staff and members of the party, but especially the Executive Board who had no warning of the decision. The ‘increasing lack of cooperation’ cited has also stunned the Executive Board as the Charter, written by Boyle, clearly spells out that “The President forms decisions on the basis of input and recommendations from the Advisory Council, Executive Board, and all VPs”.

Susi Bocks, newly elected Treasurer of the NAP said, “I am saddened that Troy’s life situations have to be his focus now and am surprised at the other comment as to the reason for his resignation, but can appreciate that his priorities are for himself and his family. The Executive Board wishes him well and much success with his completion of law school, his comic book venture and his upcoming position with Homeland Security in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the stress of personal factors endured this last year and, in addition, an upcoming move to a new state has precipitated this decision, but we wish him much success.”

The NAP has a constituency of approximately 8,000 members (online) across all 50 states. While there have been severalbumps” along the way, the NAP had done a really great job of asking candidates for public office what they will do for atheists if elected.

With a new President taking office soon, let’s hope the group can get back on track to bring together a sizable voting bloc. You may laugh off the idea of a political party for atheists, but if it helps some atheists get energized and excited about voting for certain candidates, it may help all of us in the long run.

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