Google Celebrates Easter Sunday with a Doodle of Cesar Chavez… and It’s Not a Big Deal March 31, 2013

Google Celebrates Easter Sunday with a Doodle of Cesar Chavez… and It’s Not a Big Deal

It’s Easter and Google is celebrating by having a front page doodle of… labor leader Cesar Chavez who would have celebrated his 86th birthday today:

Of course, the right wing mouthpieces are flipping out and tweeting up a storm

Google’s decision left a bad impression on many Christians across the country — marking the holiest day on the Christian calendar.

“Their recognition of Chavez on Easter day is a clear slap at Christianity,” one reader wrote at “I’ll be using a different search engine from now on.”

“Google has never done anything to commemorate Easter,” another reader wrote. “In years past they have just ignored the day all together. It is a reflection of their secular philosophy.”

YEAH! Google has NEVER done anything to celebrate Easter!

Except in 2000:

But don’t remind the conspiratorial Christian Google-haters of that. You’ll offend their sensitive sensibilities.

It turns out that the world doesn’t revolve around Christians and that there are other things to celebrate on whatever day Easter Sunday falls upon. Google likes to diversify its doodles so they celebrate different things every year. (Even on days that hold a special significance to you.)

I know. This is shocking news to everyone. And yet notable people have been born on Christian holidays. Amazing.

And, of course, Bing (which is apparently another search engine some people use…) is all over this with eggs galore on their homepage:

There’s no conspiracy. Google’s not anti-Christian. They’re pro-everyone. (But wait until FOX News realizes Google says “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas…)

(Thanks to Edward for the link!)

***Update***: I love this response 🙂

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