Christian Magazine: Gay Football Players Should Stay in the Closet March 28, 2013

Christian Magazine: Gay Football Players Should Stay in the Closet

I’m not surprised that many Christians are still opposed to gay marriage.

I am surprised when they voice their opposition as boldly and badly as Jennifer LeClaire did for Charisma magazine with this article:

Wow. Forget the whole “loving the sinner” guise they usually put on. This is just full out bigotry in action (emphasis hers).

When I was a kid, watching football on Sunday afternoons was a family tradition for many people in my neighborhood. Now, the gay agenda is finding its way into family life — from marriage (and divorce) to adoption — and may soon enough seep into Sunday afternoon football.

Damn those gays ruining her ability to marry and divorce and adopt and watch football. Somehow… In ways no one has figured out yet… Since the love gay people have doesn’t harm the love straight couples have.

But back to this supposed gay agenda (last emphasis is mine):

When I was a kid, watching football on Sunday afternoons was a family tradition for many on my block. But as the gay agenda makes its public relations push from all sides, expect to see more gay professional athletes coming out of the closet in 2013, especially if the U.S. Supreme Court validates gay marriage at a federal level before football season begins.

In an age of openly gay clergy preaching the gospel, it wouldn’t be nearly as shocking to see a muscle-bound NFL pro doing a wacky dance after scoring a touchdown. But you can bet whoever comes out first will be the poster child for the radical gay agenda’s campaigns as they seek to make all things LGBT mainstream in a nation under God that’s divided on gay marriage.

NOT THE GAYS AND THEIR WACKY DANCES! How dare they tarnish the sport of football with their incredible dance moves?! We all know straight football players always just score and Tebow, in that order.

Or not:

LeClaire has no actual argument against gays players coming out other than it would force her to have to defend her bigotry to a world in which people who share her opinion are quickly becoming a minority.

Meanwhile, a current unnamed NFL player is poised to go public with his homosexuality very soon. And people like Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo are leading the charge to make sure the NFL is a place where gay players can safely come out without being harassed or discriminated against. They know there’s no contradiction between being gay and playing football.

LeClaire hasn’t figured that out yet. In her mind, gay players should just shut up and stay silent:

Shining a positive spotlight on gay role models in any industry serves to validate homosexuality, which is clearly a sin.

But the liquor and fast food commercials during games? The references to supermodel wives of current players? The connection between playing football and having traumatic brain injury later in life? Those things are just part of the game. They get ignored by LeClaire.

Because all sins are equal. Some are just more equal than others.

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