The Name of Kanye West’s Next Album is Rumored to Be ‘I Am God’ March 26, 2013

The Name of Kanye West’s Next Album is Rumored to Be ‘I Am God’

Kanye West has a new album coming out soon and the rumored title would rattle a lot of religious nerves:

Kanye West is raising eyebrows again with a rumor that he’s naming his sixth studio album “I Am God.”

The new album’s title has yet to be confirmed but aside from the possible name and a small list of contributors including The-Dream and Malik Yusef, details on the rapper’s forthcoming album are scarce.

It sounds like people are taking a few words and giving them a ridiculous amount of meaning. Which is very God-like…

Plus, there’s proof Kanye West actually exists…

Well, I’ll be damned, Kanye has one-upped the Bible.

And I guess that would make Kim Kardashian the Virgin Mary? (Let that one percolate in your mind for a bit.)

(Thanks to @georgehenryAP for the link!)

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