Is the US Postal Service Biased Against Atheists? Check Out This Study March 26, 2013

Is the US Postal Service Biased Against Atheists? Check Out This Study

Remember those atheist shoes? They had soles (ha!) with the phrases “Darwin Loves” and “Ich Bin Atheist”:

Well, the Berlin-based makers of the shoes have been sending their goods to a lot of Americans and they’ve noticed something weird: The shoes take a lot longer for American customers to receive than you might expect:

We have lots of customers in the USA, but sometimes the shoes we send them take longer than they should to arrive, or even go missing. And, when some of our customers asked us not to use ATHEIST-branded packing tape on their shipments, we started to wonder if the delays were caused by the US Postal Service taking offence at our overt godlessness…

So they did an experiment. With control groups, two-tailed t-tests, and p-values (got that, AP Statistics kids?)… and the results are pretty clear.

Here: This infographic will explain everything.


Conclusion: The company is no longer using ATHEIST packing tape.

And the USPS has some serious explaining to do…

(Thanks to @ellenchisa for the link!)

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