This Pizza Place Will Give You a Discount If You Say ‘Jesus Died For Me’ March 25, 2013

This Pizza Place Will Give You a Discount If You Say ‘Jesus Died For Me’

You remember Godfather’s Pizza. Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain was its former CEO. So I’m not completely surprised that one of the franchisees would be offering an Easter discount… but the restaurant in Hampton, Iowa is going a step further:

Easter Sunday is almost here!
Did you know, Jesus died for you on the cross, but then on Easter Sunday, he ROSE from the dead! AMAZING! To celebrate this very important day, we will be doing our Easter special all week. Simply say “Jesus died for me” when you order your food and we will give you $2 off your order!

And what if I say “Jesus didn’t die for me?” I was curious, so I asked them. Their response caught me off-guard:

For what it’s worth, it may be legal. (The defense is that it’s not religious discrimination because anyone can get the discount for saying the words.) This is similar to those “bring in a church bulletin and we’ll give you a discount” promotions sometimes offered by Christian store owners — they’re the subject of many lawsuits, but owners get away with it as long as customers are given a discount for bringing in an Muslim or atheist “church bulletin,” too. (Or making one on their computer, anyway.)

But I promise you if a Muslim store owner offered a discount to customers who said, “Praise Allah,” FOX News would be running stories on it for the next 48 hours. I also asked the store if they offer discounts for saying that phrase during Ramadan. I’ll let you know if they respond. I’m not holding my breath.

***Update***: I received this response from them:

We are an openly Christian family run business. We offer many specials/discounts all through the year. This is the Hampton, Iowa Godfather’s Pizza which is a family owned franchise. Godfather’s Corporate does not run this establishment.

Even if it’s not an illegal move, it’s just strikes me as a horrible PR move. The owners are basically telling the public they prefer their Christian customers over any other ones. I don’t live there, but now I wouldn’t want to eat there, discount or not.

(Thanks to Seth for the link)

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