Liberty University Chancellor: ‘We’re Trying To Create Tens of Thousands of Kirk Camerons’ March 25, 2013

Liberty University Chancellor: ‘We’re Trying To Create Tens of Thousands of Kirk Camerons’

The surprising thing isn’t that Kirk Cameron is partnering up with Liberty University to make a new movie. The surprising thing is that it didn’t happen sooner.

Cameron and Falwell, Jr. on “Praise the Lord”

The university will partner with Cameron in his new film releasing later this year. The film will answer life’s toughest questions about human suffering.

“You’re making some big kingdom moves to produce Champions for Christ and send them into the culture,” [Cameron] told [Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.] “That’s what I want to do, and so we’re likeminded in that way. I want to make films that represent Gospel values, I want to impact families, I want to impact culture.

And that’s why he’ll make a movie that’ll inevitably be seen only by already-super-Christian families and presumably go straight to Netflix.

Here’s the scariest part:

Falwell called Cameron “an example of the type of graduate that Liberty is trying to turn out.”

“You’re using your profession to impact the culture, and that’s what we’re trying to do in every profession,” Falwell said. “So that’s why we decided to partner with you on your newest project. We’re trying to create tens of thousands of Kirk Camerons and put them out there.

Oh, dear god, they want to clone him…

Because what Hollywood needs more than anything else are multiple film adaptations of “The Banana“:

The problem with Cameron-esque filmmakers is that you’re not going to be able to convince the movie-going public that homosexuality is evil or that Christians are a threatened minority or that Jesus is the solution to all of our problems, no matter how strong your directing/producing skills are.

No one wants to see a movie where the villains win.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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