Do You Get Positive Reactions When Wearing Atheist Shirts in Public? March 24, 2013

Do You Get Positive Reactions When Wearing Atheist Shirts in Public?

Bruce Gleason of the Backyard Skeptics has found that when he wears atheist-themed shirts in public, far from what we might expect, he gets far more positive reactions than negatives ones:

The next test was in the airport going to Chicago for work at a swing dance convention… No comments at LAX, but in Chicago coming back, one traveler, a professional trombone player, said ‘nice shirt’. We struck up a pleasant conversation that passed the time as we waited for our delayed flight to leave. And while boarding in the jetway, a suited man turned around and said “nice shirt — you must get a lot of flak for that!” I responded that just the opposite happens, that I receive nearly all positive comments…

When I first became an advocate of atheism 7 years ago, I was worried of what people would think of such a bold statement of ‘non-faith’… Now I know that the result of wearing such an outted symbol not only lets others know that is OK to sport such a shirt (no stab wounds yet) but that atheism is becoming more accepted in our culture, and that discussion and discourse is more open than even on the subject.

I’ve heard too many stories of cars with Darwin Fish decals on them getting vandalized to believe this theory, but has anyone else had similar experiences?

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