Christian Pastor: I Carry My Wife Around the House Every Day to Show Her Who’s Boss March 15, 2013

Christian Pastor: I Carry My Wife Around the House Every Day to Show Her Who’s Boss

Our favorite misogynistic pastor, Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, is back to tell us about his morning rituals with his family. (His previous sermons include one about how his wife cooks for him and another about how women shouldn’t have a say in how our country is run.)

Anderson talks about how, every morning, he carries his wife across the house and back (3:41):

Why does he do it? He explains around the 5:38 mark:

It puts us in the right role of our marriage, showing, like, “Hey, I’m stronger than you. I’m the boss.”

Right away, it’s a masculine thing. And it’s a feminine thing to be carried. Ok? So basically, what it is, is it’s putting us psychologically and mentally in our proper roles of husband and wife.

“Hey, I’m a man and you’re a woman! I’m gonna pick you up. I’m gonna carry you to that side of the house and carry you back.” Ok?

… I’m not saying this is a necessary part of your morning ritual, ok? I’m not saying, you know, you need to be just like me. But I’m just showing you that I’m taking a decisive action that says, hey, I want my marriage to be right. I want it to be spiritually right. I want God on my side. I want to have the wisdom of God from the Book of Proverbs. I want be in the spirit first thing in the morning. And I want to have a close relationship with my wife that is a Male/Female relationship, not this 50/50 relationship that’s garbage that our world puts out.

It’s a Male/Female relationship. I’m the man. You’re the woman. I’m gonna pick you up and show you that. And if I ever want you to go somewhere that you don’t wanna go, you know what? I’m just showing you, I have the power to pick you up and take you there.

… I’ll tell you right now, I’m not ashamed to preach that. Because, you know what? I have a good marriage.

Got that, ladies? If your husband really loved you, he’d take control of you, against your will, and show you who’s boss. Because he’s a man!

A MAN!!!

I’m sorry to say Pastor Anderson’s taken, though, so you’ll just have to look somewhere else for your future spouse/boss/personal carrier.

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