New Atheist Billboard Campaign in Michigan: Question Everything March 13, 2013

New Atheist Billboard Campaign in Michigan: Question Everything

The Freethought Association of Northern Michigan just placed the first of five billboards up in the city of Charlevoix:

Some of the other billboard designs (minus the watermarks) that will go up in coming weeks include:

Bob Speeter from the group writes:

Our group is… celebrating our 2nd Anniversary in April. It was the billboards posted on your page that inspired us to use this platform to increase our visibility and let other freethinkers know they are not alone.

The $4,000 needed for the billboard campaign was donated by a group member.

These are simple designs, but their implications should cause a minor controversy. Questioning whether Jesus really turned water into wine or the things that are said in church are not going to go without notice.

Either way, these atheists are getting their message out to the public and introducing themselves to other skeptics who may not be aware of the group. It’s a win-win for them and I hope other groups follow in their footsteps.

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