Calgary Secular Church Keeps the Community While Ditching the Faith March 10, 2013

Calgary Secular Church Keeps the Community While Ditching the Faith

Keeping with the trend of atheists finding community in church-like services that lack the superstition and mythology found in religion, the National Post‘s Jen Gerson has a great article on the Calgary Secular Church:

Calgary Secular Church member Tanner Berquist, apparently sitting on wet ground (Keith Morison – National Post)

After several years living the godless life, [Korey] Peters and his wife, who was raised an Anglican, were at peace with their decision. But they missed the church. They missed the community and the music and the rituals, all the little rites of passage and shared moments — usually provided by religious ceremonies — that make a community whole.

“When you lose faith, you cancel yourself out of the church culture and the church culture is huge in western culture.”

So about six months ago he decided to start the Calgary Secular Church…

The focus of the church is giving back to the community and that includes a Sunday school for children where they are taught how to “appreciate their responsibilities as global citizens.”

I’m sure this will only heighten the claim that atheism is a religion, but gathering in a common space and sharing certain moments together does not a religion make. In this case, you don’t have to agree with the speaker(s), you don’t have to attend a service to be considered a “true atheist,” and questions are welcomed.

Also, it’s not tax-exempt.

Before you criticize the service, realize it may not be for you, but for a lot of atheists (especially ones who only recently left their faith), this sort of service would provide a wonderful transition out of faith and into reality.

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