The People Who Oppose Gay Marriage Are… March 8, 2013

The People Who Oppose Gay Marriage Are…

Is there any real reason to oppose marriage equality?

A new analysis of data by (Democratic pollster) Joel Benenson and (Republican pollster) Jan van Lohuizen finds that most of the people who oppose it fall into only a few demographic groups:

Exit polls and other surveys from last year’s election suggest that resistance to same-sex marriage is shrinking and mainly concentrated among certain segments of the population: older people, white evangelical Christians and non-college-educated whites.

They could’ve just said Republicans. (Zing!)

And I think their representatives are handling it well:

However, David Lane, who organizes conservative Christians nationwide, said the more than 65 million Americans who identify themselves as evangelicals are feeling increasingly alienated from electoral politics.

If GOP leaders embrace same-sex marriage, he predicted, “it will lead quickly to the collapse of the Republican Party,” causing a core constituency to leave for a third party or to renounce politics.

“The debate is good,” Lane added. “We need to decide whether we are a Christian nation or a pagan nation and get on with it. The glory of a nation lies in its righteousness.”

Because those are the only options, apparently…

This is exactly why those demographics’ opposition to gay marriage isn’t taken seriously. They revel in paranoia and lies. They don’t base their arguments and ideas on logic and reason. They base them on the Bible and FOX News and other things no one should take seriously.

If those groups feel like they’re being alienated… well, they’re right.

And our nation will be better off because of it.

(Thanks to Jeff for the link)

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