Pastor Says Uplifting Sign for Atheists is a ‘Negative Message’ March 8, 2013

Pastor Says Uplifting Sign for Atheists is a ‘Negative Message’

I understand why a headline for the South Texas Coalition of Reason‘s new atheist billboard in Corpus Christi would say “Atheist Billboard Stirs Controversy”… more people are going to pay attention to a religion-based controversy.

But it’s still shocking to hear a pastor (and another random dude) express their dissent against a message like that one:

Juan Perales works right underneath the sign and we were there as he saw it for the first time.

“I don’t think a sign like that should be up,” he says.

“I believe all people should believe in a higher supreme lord. Somebody that created us, and that’s God,” he added.

Ronnie Marriott, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Corpus Christi, says he respects their right to free speech, but…

I hate to see it when groups use that freedom that we have of speech to kind of put a negative message, especially to spread what I believe to be lies,” he says.

Anytime you follow, “I respect their right to free speech” with a “but,” you know nothing good is going to follow…

And isn’t that just perfect Christian logic right there?

Atheists: You’re not alone! = Negative message.

You’re all going to burn in hell if you don’t accept Jesus = Positive message.

Also, where are the “lies” in that billboard? There isn’t one. Or has the pastor been in the church so long he can no longer distinguish between truth and lies?

It’s fine that he disagrees, but there’s nothing negative about this billboard. It’s a Bat-Signal for people, some of whom may attend that pastor’s church, who seriously doubt their faith. They don’t have to stay in the closet any longer.

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