Foundation Beyond Belief Gets $240,000 Gift from Generous Donor March 1, 2013

Foundation Beyond Belief Gets $240,000 Gift from Generous Donor

When Foundation Beyond Belief began a few years ago, we wanted to make sure our overhead was low and our giving to various charities was high. That’s still happening today — we give our members a chance to give as much of their monthly donations as they want directly to charity; giving to the foundation itself is still optional. The downside of this method is that we’re often making do with relatively little funding.

Last month, we found out that a donor wanted to give us a substantial gift — $240,000 — to help us expand our organization and take it to the next level. After the board had a collective heart attack, we learned more about our benefactor, Jeff Strang:

Jeff then went to Ghana in the Peace Corps, where he taught math and science at a village high school and was a rural development worker, which gave him an interest in construction.

Jeff was a loner agnostic/skeptic/atheist until September 11, 2001, when the huge theistic reaction to the events of that day drove him to seek company with fellow nonbelievers. He joined the Humanists of Greater Portland, was president in 2006–07, and he and his wife, Tamara Boyd, took in the daughter of a fellow member at age 10 because her single mother had a debilitating chronic health condition.

Jeff says he is splitting $270,000 between Foundation Beyond Belief and the American Humanist Association’s Humanist Charities program “because I strongly believe the secular humanist community should get credit for its contributions to humanity.” We’re also delighted to report that Jeff has signed on as a contributing member of the Foundation!

I’ve said this to Jeff already, but this sort of gift will transform the way we do things at the foundation. It’s game-changer in the best possible way and we can’t thank him enough.

If you’d like to contribute at any level, please consider doing it. We’ve given away over $869,000 to charity since our founding and changed a lot of lives in the process. You’re the reason this organization is so successful. We’ve done it with little fanfare and a constant focus on charities worth supporting.

This is what godless giving looks like. Be a part of it.

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