Texas Republican Legislator: We Need More God and Ten Commandments Displays in Public Schools February 28, 2013

Texas Republican Legislator: We Need More God and Ten Commandments Displays in Public Schools

Texas state Rep. Phil Stephenson knows his priorities:

Economy? Nah.

Ending the wars? Forget it.

Jesus? Of course!

Stephenson filed a resolution on Monday that would push God and the Ten Commandments into the state’s public schools:

Rep. Phil Stephenson (via Raw Story)

“The overwhelming majority of voters in the 2010 Republican Party Primary Election voted in favor of the public acknowledgement of God, and the 2012 platform of the Republican Party of Texas affirms “that the public acknowledgement of God is undeniable in our history and is vital to our freedom, prosperity, and strength“…

RESOLVED, That the 83rd Legislature of the State of Texas hereby support prayers, including the use of the word “God,” at public gatherings as well as displays of the Ten Commandments in public educational institutions and other government buildings.

I guess there’s no more room in all the Texas churches?

Of course, the Supreme Court ruled three decades ago that you can’t just put up the Ten Commandments in public schools. It’s blatantly religious in nature and serves no secular purpose.

But Stephenson isn’t letting a pesky little thing like the Constitution get in his way. If the Republicans who vote in the Texas primaries want the Christian God in the public square, then it should become law, dammit!

It’s not enough for him that Christians already have the right to evangelize and pray… it’s only worthwhile if he gets to force his faith down everybody else’s throat.

You know, for a man and a party that fight to limit the power of government, they really do everything in their power to get government to promote their own brand of religion.

I guess you can’t spell Yahweh without Ye-Haw!

(Thanks to Richard for the link)

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