Dave Muscato Becomes American Atheists’ New Public Relations Director February 23, 2013

Dave Muscato Becomes American Atheists’ New Public Relations Director

Congratulations to Dave Muscato for becoming the new Public Relations Director for American Atheists, taking over for the recently-departed Teresa MacBain.

“We’re very excited to bring Mr. Muscato on board,” said David Silverman, President of American Atheists. “He brings great ideas and strong activism to our organization.”

“I’m very happy for the opportunity to work for American Atheists,” Muscato said. “This has long been a dream of mine. This organization does very admirable work in representing the interests of atheists in America, in working toward separation of church & state, and in providing resources for atheists in our country.”

Dave has served as both a Writing Intern and Volunteer Network Coordinator for the Kansas/Missouri region for the Secular Student Alliance.

I gotta say: It’s very exciting, and deeply satisfying, to see a former campus atheist group leader getting a “real” job in the atheist world. There are all sorts of opportunities for Christians to do that — becoming a pastor, youth group leader, adult leader of a college Christian group, etc. — but we’re only starting to see the growth of positions as a “professional atheist.” As these organizations grow, they’ll start to hire more staffers — and many of them will likely come from the ranks of atheists who helped lead their college groups.

So what is Dave most looking forward to in his new position?

I’m very excited about working on separation of church & state issues and fighting discrimination. I’m also very excited to help the secular movement as a whole by encouraging more atheists to come out of the closet and be proud of their rationality.

He picked the right organization to join. Dave heads to the AA offices in New Jersey next week. I would wish him the best of luck, but he’s one guy who doesn’t need it. AA is in good hands with him.

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  • rn

    you should really know every time you open your mouth you are only showing more and more how really ignorant you are. Even if you believe there isn’t a supreme higher up authority, then tell me exactly where do you think everything started from? If we came from a organism washed up out of the waters, where did the waters and the organism come from. If we evolved from apes, where did the apes come from? I feel so sorry for you and all of the atheist because you will all see one day. There is a god and JESUS CHRIST is real and he is the only way!!! If you think about the human body and all the organs, everything has a purpose, a function. The miracle of childbirth. I pray for you and all of you atheist companions!!!

  • rn

    Also, why do you atheist want to celebrate CHRISTMAS but want to call it the happy holidays? This is what it’s all about JESUS CHRIST, that is why we have “the happy holiday season.” Stay out of our Christmas time, if you don’t believe in JESUS!!!

  • rn

    Oh! Also, we saw you on Fox last night. You really showed your A–. Good job, we all had a good laugh. Feeling so sorry for your soul!!!

  • rn

    Sorry, I am on wrong website, got confused. Didn’t see you on Fox. Please accept my apology.


    Dave,just saw your interview on Fox News,and I am here to say to you the Devil is at the doors of Hell waiting for you

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