Atheist Group Tries to Launch at Texas Christian University February 23, 2013

Atheist Group Tries to Launch at Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University is the latest in a line of religious schools where a group of students have formed an as-yet-unofficial atheist group:

“Freethinking Frogs” is being founded by Alexis Lohse.

The transfer student said she wanted to establish an organization “that was agnostic and secular,” so that students with those beliefs would have a place free to discuss and challenge conventional religious thinking.

There are a lot of secular students who attend religious-in-name-only colleges for all sorts of reasons. Good programs, good professors, etc. (I almost attended one myself because the school offered me lots of money to go there, and ended up saying no only because another school had a better program for my major. So I have no qualms about atheists attending a religious school.)

At most of those kinds of schools, they welcome a diverse student body and encourage groups that may not fall in line theologically with them but still adhere to whatever the school’s mission is. That’s why you’ll see Muslim groups or gay-straight alliance groups form there. The Freethinking Frogs looks to be doing just that — there’s nothing wrong with critically examining questions of faith — but we’ll see if they get recognition.

In the meantime, students are troubled by the existence of the group:

“There are some kids […] who might not want their beliefs challenged,” said student Michael Smith.

And that’s why this group needs to exist. If students aren’t going to challenge themselves, atheists need to give them a little nudge…

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