We Finally Have Proof of God’s Existence! February 22, 2013

We Finally Have Proof of God’s Existence!

Just so you all know, prayer will help your small business. I know this because Phil Ressler says so.

Ressler is pastor of the Illinois-based Lord of Life Lutheran Church — their website address is, and I’m not kidding, LOLChurch.net — and he tells the story of a local man who prayed for his printer to come in the mail:

Jake had recently invested in a new printer to take the next step in his new business. But seemingly this deal was going bad. He had sent the money, but no printer was coming. Everything appeared like he was a victim of fraud. Jake was bitter. He was angry. He was withdrawn.

Jake knew what he had to do. It was to start praying circles around his business. So he made the commitment to pray each morning at 6:30am for the next week. He would circle the city block 7 times in prayer each day for 7 days.

Things started happening. The lines of communication began to open. Previously, he would make phone calls and send emails with no response. Now he was getting answers. There were still problems with getting the order filled, but the picture was more clear. Seemingly, progress was being made. He didn’t have the new printer yet, but he had something more valuable and that was a new heart.

Today, as I write this, Jake has received notice that the printer is being shipped

Well, there you go.

Time to call it quits, atheists.

Turns out God exists. We know that because Jake is getting the printer… that he paid money for.

And you all said there was no evidence for God.

Bet you feel silly now.

(Thanks to @mydontknow for the link)

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