Christian Bigot Freaks Out About Gay Marriage Becoming Legal in Illinois February 21, 2013

Christian Bigot Freaks Out About Gay Marriage Becoming Legal in Illinois

What will happen if/when gay marriage becomes legal in Illinois?

Correct answer: Gays will be able to get married.

Wrong answer: The institution of marriage and all of civilization will be destroyed. At least, that’s what homophobic Peter LaBarbera thinks will happen (emphasis his):

Religious liberty and freedom of conscience (i.e., the freedom to oppose homosexuality) will be repressed by the state in the name of “gay rights”; Illinois has already experienced this under our “Civil Unions” law [see the case of the Walders’ bed-and-breakfast in Paxton, IL]. Despite the current bill being amended to protect churches and religious institutions, business owners — even devout Christians — who cater to weddings (such as banquet hall owners and photographers) could be forced to use their facilities or expertise to celebrate homosexual “marriages”;

Liberal teachers, especially in public schools, will be emboldened to promote homosexual relationships to students in the classroom; homosexual teachers will be given a platform to discuss their “marriages” and to model homosexuality as normal, natural and good to students. Parents will have a harder time stopping the promotion of homosexuality in schools;

Legalized homosexual “marriage” will help “normalize” homosexual adoption, thus consigning greater numbers of innocent children to be raised in households that are motherless or fatherless by design.

I should clarify: Some of that will happen — I’m all for normalizing gay adoption — but it’ll benefit everybody, not hurt straight people.

Christians won’t have their rights taken away. Health teachers won’t suddenly begin advocating anal sex. Homosexuality won’t be “promoted” in our schools (because it’s not something that needs “promoting” in the first place).

All of that stuff happens only in LaBarbera’s mind… right next to all those images of gay men at the International Mr. Leather convention.

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