Anderson County Officials Vote to Put ‘In God We Trust’ Sign on Courthouse Wall, Despite Dealing with ‘ACLU Crap’ February 21, 2013

Anderson County Officials Vote to Put ‘In God We Trust’ Sign on Courthouse Wall, Despite Dealing with ‘ACLU Crap’

Anderson County officials in Tennessee have nothing better to do with their time, so they’ve decided to stick it to local atheists by putting up a sign on the front of the county courthouse reading “In God We Trust” at the request of Mayor Terry Frank.

Because you can’t get any work done unless God’s name is on your door…

The Anderson County Courthouse, making God angrier every day his name isn’t on the property.

The ACLU doesn’t see any benefit to doing that, even though it’s the national motto:

“People of all faiths, as well as non-believers, should feel welcome in their government buildings,” ACLU official Hedy Weinberg said in a statement.

“The County Commission should focus on doing real work that represents the interests of all residents, not sowing the seeds of religious divisiveness in the community by challenging the fundamental founding principle that government must remain neutral when it comes to matters of faith,” Weinberg wrote.

The 12-4 vote in favor of putting up the sign was made before any committee discussed the plan and laid out the ramifications and consequences.

The Mayor’s husband, obviously a perfectly rational and intelligent guy, also weighed in on the debate:

Lee Frank, husband of Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank, castigated the ACLU and its likely stance on the issue during Tuesday’s meeting. “We don’t need to deal with that ACLU crap here,” he said.

“The reference to ‘ACLU crap’ is troubling,” the ACLU’s Weinberg wrote, “because our work focuses solely on protecting and promoting our constitutional guarantees, including religious freedom, which are principles we hope would be embraced by everyone.”

Weinberg speaks the truth — the ACLU defends Christians all the time, in case anyone forgot.

But I’m sure FFRF is coming after them, too. So the county better be prepared to defend itself. I’m sure the locals won’t mind their tax money being wasted by the unnecessary whims of the county commissioners.

And for what? To show Christians that they get special treatment in Anderson County courtrooms while atheists won’t get the justice they deserve.

Even if that’s not the explicit purpose, it’s certainly the effect the sign will have on those who see it.

Mayor Frank, by pushing for this sign, is just letting her constituents know that they only matter to her if they believe in the same God she does.

(Thanks to Will for the link)

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