Catholic Mom Sues New York City So She Doesn’t Have to Vaccinate Her Kid February 15, 2013

Catholic Mom Sues New York City So She Doesn’t Have to Vaccinate Her Kid

I really have to steal the title of Jezebel’s post on this subject:

Cut the Shit and Vaccinate Your Kid

Dina Check, a Catholic mother from Staten Island, is suing New York’s Department of Education because they did not grant a religious exemption to vaccination for her five-year-old daughter.

Her reasoning serves as a handy guide to why people should not be making their health decisions based on their religious beliefs:

In her exemption request to school officials, Check described herself as a Bible-reading, church-going Catholic who believes “life is a gift from God and the body is a marvelous work of divine creation to be reverenced as a temple of God.”

“To inject invasive and unnatural substances into this divine creation is showing a lack of faith in God and His way,” Check wrote.

Oh, brother.

I guess she forgot that “God’s way” involved thousands of years of people dying horrible deaths from smallpox and the plague.

Seriously, lady, you are the worst.

Oh! She also played the religious exemption card after they gave her a big ole N-O when she applied for a medical exemption for her daughter’s gastrointestinal problems.

This crap needs to stop. I don’t care what God you believe in, you do not get to put an entire population at risk because you think that a shot is going to dent your soul. I mean, whooping cough is on the rise.  Whooping cough. Is on the RISE! THE RISE!! Selfish assholes like Check are messing with herd immunity, and it is pathetic.

Remember polio? Ccases of polio have decreased 99% since 1988.  It’s been eradicated in the U.S. Do you think it’s because God was all of a sudden bored with crippling young kids?

Damn straight.

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