Illinois Family Institute Warns Us About What Will Happen if the State Legalizes Gay Marriage February 14, 2013

Illinois Family Institute Warns Us About What Will Happen if the State Legalizes Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage could become legal in Illinois very soon if the state Senate votes the right way today — Governor Pat Quinn said he would support such a bill — and conservative Christian groups like the Illinois Family Institute are freaking out.

They love to talk about how they “love the sinner, hate the sin,” but in a recent piece by IFI’s Laurie Higgins, she demonstrates that love in the most Godly way possible (i.e. It’s non-existent).

The image on IFI’s website. I’m more offended by the use of comic sans than anything else.

Here’s one of the things she’s worried about if gay marriage becomes legal in our state (emphases mine):

Public schools will be hiring teachers who are in legal “homosexual marriages.” These teachers will put photos of their homosexual spouses on their desks and talk about their homosexual spouses to their students. Such images and ideas coming from teachers whom children love and admire will powerfully shape the feelings and beliefs of young boys and girls, particularly when such images and ideas are reinforced countless times in other cultural contexts. Such images and ideas will undermine what is being taught at home.

Oh, the horror…

Teachers putting pictures of their loved ones on their desks and talking to the class about the funny thing that happened with their partner last night during dinner? Scary shit. And what happens if students learn that their gay and lesbian teachers are not the immoral, perverted people conservative Christians make them out to be?


Higgins is also worried that schools may go a step further and hire these sexual deviants:

Some will argue that schools are already hiring teachers in homosexual relationships, so the legalization of same-sex marriage won’t change anything. They are only partly correct. Although schools are, unfortunately, already hiring teachers in homosexual relationships, once the government recognizes homosexual unions as marriages, administrators and school boards — particularly in elementary schools — will have the social stigma that makes them reluctant to hire teachers in homosexual unions knocked out from under them.

Yeah, it’s really too bad these schools administrators aren’t totally ashamed of hiring gays and lesbians… because that’s what IFI wants. Forget loving gay people. Higgins doesn’t even want them to get jobs in our public schools.

And what’s up with that “particularly in elementary schools” comment? Besides giving off the nasty impression that something awful will happen if we let gay people around children, she means to say that gay people shouldn’t be hired to teach young students because those kids are more impressionable and we don’t want them to ever have a positive connotation about anything homosexual.

Because teaching them that gay people are human beings, worthy of respect and dignity and equal rights, is a big no-no.

Paranoia much…?

And this, of course, is the chief motivation for homosexuals to pursue same-sex marriage when they already have all the benefits and privileges of marriage through Illinois’ civil union law.

Because separate but equal is still equal!

Already liberal “educators” exploit bullying-prevention programs, sex education, and English, social studies, and theater classes to advance their personal beliefs about homosexuality. We have lost sight of the truth that no arm of the government has the right to propagate non-factual beliefs about the nature and morality of homosexuality — including public schools.

Really? Math’s not on the list?! I’m offended. And after I spent all that time talking about transcendental numbers…

And damn those theater classes! Who knew performing on stage was part of the homosexual agenda? (Somehow, I acted in every show in high school — including the musicals — and did theater in college, too… and never caught Teh Gey.)

Anyway, her entire tirade is like this. She doesn’t want any “arm of the government” to spread lies about homosexuality, but that doesn’t stop her from doing it herself. (Case in point: If gay marriage is legalized, Higgins writes, “Children will be taught that either mothers or fathers are expendable.”)

Love the sinner. Hate the sin. And this is her version of loving the sinner.

You know what will really happen when gay marriage is legalized in Illinois?

Gays and lesbians will be able to get married.

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