A New Toronto Bar is Named After Christopher Hitchens February 12, 2013

A New Toronto Bar is Named After Christopher Hitchens

It’s called Hitch and the menu suits his tastes perfectly:

(image via blogTO.com)

The pate was amazing and really tied in the Hitch theme: the pork was representative of Hitchens’ anti-Zionist beliefs while the use of lamb was a throwback to his public criticism of Mother Teresa.

The smokiness was a reference to his ever-present Rothmans and the heavy onion really spoke to the layers of Hitchens’ ideology, from socialist to capitalism to Marxist…

I assume the bar is stocked with plenty of Johnnie Walker Black Label, too.

My favorite part of the blogTO review may be the justification for having a projector in the bar instead of TVs:

The cozy space has one long table as well as several smaller tables and rather than the usual mounted TV, Hitch has installed a projector opposite the largest wall. The bartender mentioned they plan to show documentaries and TED Talks at the bar.

Must. Start. Drinking. Now.

(via Canadian Atheist)

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