CNN Reports on Atheist America February 8, 2013

CNN Reports on Atheist America

Yesterday on CNN, Carol Costello reported on the growing number of Americans who don’t believe in God:

Various surveys put the number of atheists in America around five percent. And according to the Pew study in 2012, one in five people claim they have no religious affiliation at all. But why? The answers vary.

One reason, perhaps, is that the word “religious” is no longer necessarily associated with being a good person.

Then there’s a very activist atheist movement underway. Getting its message out not in the mainstream media but on social media. Take these Facebook pages, for example. Each has hundreds of thousands of likes as atheists challenge their critics on any number of news items and social issues of the day.

Ok, so the video doesn’t feature a “representative” sampling of atheists — just one guy on YouTube bound to piss off the casual viewer — but yay for the free publicity, I guess…?

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