Watch This Pastor Yell at a Member of His Congregation February 6, 2013

Watch This Pastor Yell at a Member of His Congregation

As a teacher, I know students will talk during class. I can do a lot of things to curb it, but it’s bound to happen. One thing you probably shouldn’t do, though, is draw more attention to it.

That’s what Pastor Larry Smith did recently at the First Baptist Church of Hammond:

Hey, sir, quit your talking over here. HEY! Quit your talking. I’m talking to you, sir. Thank you. God bless you. I’m preaching.

You’re probably the guy that needs to be at the altar tonight. I hope to God you’re not a Hyles-Anderson student. I hope to God not.

Love you.

I hope, if you’re gonna be a preacher, everybody in the audience talks while you preach. You’ll reap what you sow, sir.

Still love you.


I’ve got another hour, yet.

Yes, public humiliation. That always does the trick.

I can’t imagine why young people are leaving church in droves…

You can see the yelling in context here (at the 30:56 mark).

By the way, this is the church that used to be home to Jack Schaap, a man who was fired for having an “extra-marital affair” with a teenager.

Glad they found a pleasant replacement for him.

(via Stuff Fundies Like)

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