More Annoying Things Some Christians Do in Restaurants February 5, 2013

More Annoying Things Some Christians Do in Restaurants

At the Her.meneutics blog, Karen Swallow Prior talks about #Tip-ocalypse and the other annoying things many Christians do when eating out:

Tipping isn’t the only thing that makes some Christian bad witnesses in eating establishments. Alcohol is another. Many American Christians consider abstention from alcohol as a mark of strong faith—but some of these seem also to think that dramatic displays of that abstention in restaurants are a further sign of faithfulness.

One student tells me that when she waitressed, it was common for some customers to put all the wine glasses on their table upside down before a server even arrived there as if to say, “Don’t even come NEAR me with that devil juice!” My parents once arranged to meet with church friends at a restaurant. Their friends chose the location because they refuse to patronize a restaurant that serves alcohol. Later, my mother wondered where they buy their groceries. And another student server tells this story:

One Sunday afternoon, I asked a lady, “What can I get you to drink today?” and she looked horrified and said, “I don’t drink! I am a Christian, and it is Sunday, and my goodness it is 12:30 in the afternoon!” And after an awkward silence, her husband said, “I’d like a Diet Coke…”

You have to wonder why the Christians who do this sort of thing frequent places they can’t handle. If you don’t know how to tip (or refuse to do so properly), don’t visit a place where it’s customary. If you don’t like alcohol, stay out of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and — do I have to say it? — churches. (Jesus was made out of tasty, tasty wine, after all…) If you are going to cause a disturbance with kids or a large group, don’t go to a place where people come to talk quietly with their company.

Above anything else, it’s just disrespectful. Which should come as no shock to those of us who see how Christian Love translates to our LGBT friends.

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