Alber Saber’s Appeal Denied, His Whereabouts Unclear January 31, 2013

Alber Saber’s Appeal Denied, His Whereabouts Unclear

Alber Saber, the Egyptian blogger and activist convicted of blasphemy, has had his appeal denied. Saber was sentenced to three years in prison in December for “contempt of the Muslim and Christian religions.”

What’s unclear as of this moment is Saber’s whereabouts. When last we checked, he had reportedly left Egypt, at which point he gave an interview to Daily News Egypt, which I told you about here. But this report from Egypt Independent, includes the sentence, “Saber attended the court session.” This would obviously indicate that he had not left Egypt, or had returned for the appeal.

The bottom line is, we’re not sure. This article is a translation, and it’s possible that something’s been mixed up, and the “Saber attended the court session” line may have been meant to refer to his original sentencing. So when I know, I’ll update.

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