The Discovery Institute Is Hosting A Darwin Day Event January 30, 2013

The Discovery Institute Is Hosting A Darwin Day Event

Darwin Day is coming up soon and you can find an event celebrating Darwin’s birthday in your area through I was curious to see what other events were happening in my state and I was horrified to discover that the Discovery Institute (the think tank devoted to spreading “Intelligent Design”) was also hosting a Darwin Day event. Some time in the last few days, the post was pulled from but the event is still listed on the group’s own website:


February 11, 2013 

Darwin Day Event with Renowned Tulane University Physicist Frank Tipler

Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin are often viewed as two of history’s most important scientists. Einstein is known for his theory of relativity and the development of the famous equation E=mc2, Darwin for his study of organisms on the Galápagos islands and elsewhere which led to his theory of evolution. Although the works of these revolutionary scientists lie in seemingly unconnected realms, renowned Tulane University physicist Frank Tipler claims that both of their theories cannot both be true – and Einstein isn’t the one who was wrong. Is there a fundamental discontinuity between Darwinian evolution and Einstein’s understanding of physics? Is Darwinian theory actually flawed?

Frank Tipler

Tipler wrote the book The Physics of Christianity and is best known for his writings about the “Omega Point” idea of cosmology. From Wikipedia:

The Omega Point is a term Tipler uses to describe a cosmological state in the distant proper-time future of the universe that he maintains is required by the known physical laws. According to this cosmology, it is required for the known laws of physics to be mutually consistent that intelligent life take over all matter in the universe and eventually force its collapse. During that collapse, the computational capacity of the universe diverges to infinity and environments emulated with that computational capacity last for an infinite duration as the universe attains a solitary-point cosmological singularity. This singularity is Tipler’s Omega Point. With computational resources diverging to infinity, Tipler states that a society far in the future would be able to resurrect the dead by emulating all alternate universes of our universe from its start at the Big Bang. Tipler identifies the Omega Point with a god, since, in his view, the Omega Point has all the properties claimed for gods by most of the traditional religions.

Put more simply: God did it. All of this is smoke and mirrors to support the dogmatic assertion that there is an Intelligent Designer.

Serious scientists and skeptics recognize his work for the pseudoscience that it is. Michael Shermer even devoted a whole chapter to Tipler’s logical errors in his book Why People Believe Weird Things.

Do you have a background in physics, live in the Seattle area, and have an itching desire to school some Intelligent Design pushers? Be sure to RSVP soon for this event because space is limited. And we need as many scientists and skeptics in the room as possible. I’ll be sure to write about how things go at the event.

If you’d prefer to go to a real Darwin Day event, you can join Seattle Atheists & Camp Quest Northwest on Feb. 10th.

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