Kentucky Atheist Faces Backlash After Stopping Christian Invocations at Public Meetings January 27, 2013

Kentucky Atheist Faces Backlash After Stopping Christian Invocations at Public Meetings

Boyle County, Kentucky used to be one of those places where an Christian invocation was delivered at public meetings. That came to a stop after resident Ricky Smith spoke out against it. Now, the county has a moment of silence instead.

Ricky Smith (Stephanie Mojica – AM News)

As a result of his activism, though, Smith has been the victim of “Christian love”:

Smith, 46, says he is the county resident who recently met with Boyle County Judge-Executive Harold McKinney about the issue of Judeo-Christian prayers during public meetings. As a result, county magistrates voted to change the invocation to a “moment of silence.”

A former friend also made disparaging remarks about Smith on Facebook, and a few people made harassing telephone calls to his residence, he said.

“They’re getting down right mean,” Smith said.

He noted that if ridiculing a man’s weight and lack of religious beliefs is a proper Christian attitude, then he is now even more convinced that atheism is the right path for his life.

“I’ve become a better person since I realized I was an atheist,” Smith said. “I am much more tolerant now.”

It’s worth noting what these Christians are getting so upset about. No one banned their faith from the public square; they just have to pray in silence instead of out loud. They’re being treated just like every other religion.

That’s why they’re pissed off. They demand privilege and a special place during government meetings. Instead, they got equality and they can’t handle it.

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