Christian Radio Host: Let’s Lose the Culture Wars on Purpose So People Love Us Again! January 20, 2013

Christian Radio Host: Let’s Lose the Culture Wars on Purpose So People Love Us Again!

Christian radio host Julie Roys thinks she’s figured out how to win the Culture Wars: Christians just have to lose.

No, really. Here’s her logic (referencing the Louie Giglio and Hobby Lobby controversies):

Julie Roys

… I wonder if these figurative examples of publicly crucifying Christians just might backfire on liberals. And perhaps we Christians, by losing the culture war, just might win.

After all, liberal activists didn’t gain the upper hand in this fight by offering stellar arguments. Instead, they won by portraying themselves as victims and we Christians as the victimizers

if gay rights and pro-choice activists continue to strip Christians of their rights, this narrative [of liberals being the victims] will become harder to sell. That is, if we Christians refuse to retaliate and instead, turn the other cheek. I’m not saying we retreat from our convictions. In fact, I urge Giglio to affirm that he still holds a biblically orthodox view of homosexuality, which he still has not done…

There’s just one problem with her argument… and it’s a big one.

No one is taking away Christians’ rights. There’s nothing they can’t do now that they were able to do before. (Well, other than discriminating against people they don’t give a damn about.)

This is the Christian Martyr Complex in action: They think it’s sooooooo hard to be a Christian and that their freedoms are being stripped away. They have the audacity to compare their own fake plight to the very real struggle of people who are LGBT.

When there are laws saying that Christians can’t get married, or can’t adopt kids, or can’t visit their loved ones in a hospital, or can’t get a room at a bed-and-breakfast… then maybe I’ll listen when Christians say they have it rough. But not before that.

They’re not the victims. They’re in the majority. They’re like wealthy people complaining about a slight tax hike, or the Prom Queen complaining about having a few split ends. No one feels bad for you.

In fact, the more you suggest you might be victims, the less seriously everyone else takes you. We all know LGBT activists (and their allies) have never been the bullies in this battle. They’ve had to fight with everything they have just to achieve some semblance of equality. The only reason they’re not there yet is because Christians have fought tooth and nail to maintain their power at any cost.

Goliath can’t get away with pretending to be David.

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