Smug Methodist Responds to ‘Why I Raise My Children Without God’ January 19, 2013

Smug Methodist Responds to ‘Why I Raise My Children Without God’

In response to Deborah Mitchell‘s incredibly popular (and highly controversial) CNN iReport article about why she’s raising her children without God, Ryan Barnett has issued a response called “Why I Raise My Children With God.”

Surprisingly, “I like to lie to my kids” isn’t on the list. But this is:

God is everywhere.

Look about you! The rising of the sun is a reminder that we do not have to live in darkness. We are not required to live in fear. If we seek God, we will find him. He is in the sunset, in the smiles of children, in the love of committed spouses. He is in the healing around tragic losses. When we don’t see Him, it is often because we don’t want to. It is said that God is a gentleman — He only comes where invited. Perhaps there is great truth in this.

Yeah, a vomited a little in my mouth, too. But I shouldn’t be too upset, because God is apparently in my vomit.

Don’t worry, baby. I won’t let the Methodist Man harm you.

Then there’s this:

When we raise kids without God, we harm them. Things unseen are real. Your love of your child is real. Pain is real. A lack of justice is real. The solution is a deep and abiding faith. But nobody can sell you on this. Much as the alcoholic must “reach a bottom,” most of us get to the place where we know we need God. There are many great stories out there on how people get there. They’ll inspire you if you are not yet ready for God. Fear not. He is patient.

How dare all you atheist parents harm your children by being honest with them and teaching them science and reason and critical thinking?!

I would urge you to read Barnett’s piece, but instead of commenting there and making CNN think they did something right by publishing that drivel, just comment here instead.

On a side note, how much do you want to bet that post won’t get “flagged as inappropriate” like Mitchell’s article was?

(Thanks to David for the link)

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