In the Philippines, the Catholic Church is Hastening Its Own Demise January 18, 2013

In the Philippines, the Catholic Church is Hastening Its Own Demise

Last month, Philippines President Benigno Aquino III signed a law that would make government-funded sex education and contraception widely available to the nation’s poor. It’s the type of law that makes so much sense and benefits such a large segment of society… which must be why the Catholic Church can’t deal with it:

President Benigno Aquino III

Catholic leaders consider the law an attack on the church’s core values — the sanctity of life — saying that contraceptives promote promiscuity and destroy life. Aquino and his allies see the legislation as a way to address how the poor — roughly a third of the country’s 94 million people — manage the number of children they have and provide for them.

What’s wonderful to see is that the Church has relatively little support from the people — including many faithful Catholics. The people know the law makes good sense and Church leaders are having no luck persuading them to remain celibate or not use condoms. (Maybe they’re being advised by 1Flesh.)

The comments countering the Church’s ideas in the Calgary Herald article are hilarious:

“If the church can provide milk, diapers and rice, then go ahead, let’s make more babies,” said Giselle Labadan, a 30-year-old roadside vendor. “But there are just too many people now, too many homeless people, and the church doesn’t help to feed them.

She said that even though she has used most types of contraceptives, she still considers herself among the faithful. “I still go to church and pray. It’s a part of my life,” Labadan said.

“I have prayed before not to have another child, but the condom worked better,” she said.

I need a bumper sticker with that last line.

The Catholic Church is just digging its own grave by stubbornly sticking to an ideas that make no logical sense:

The latest defeat of the church “can further weaken its moral authority at a time when this is most badly needed in many areas, including defence of a whole range of family values,” said the Rev. John J. Carroll, founding chairman of the Jesuit-run John J. Carroll Institute on Church and Social Issues. He said he wondered how many Catholics have been “turned off” by incessant sermons and prayers led by the church against the contraceptives law, and how much it contributed to rising anticlericalism and the erosion of church authority.

In America, too, the Church is its own worst enemy. They refuse to be on the side of women’s rights and civil rights for LGBT people — and we should really thank them. They’re encouraging more people to leave the pews than the New Atheists ever could.

(Thanks to Anu for the link!)

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