Your Life Story Would Be More Interesting if It Conformed to My Expectations January 16, 2013

Your Life Story Would Be More Interesting if It Conformed to My Expectations

There’s a Hindu blogger on Patheos who goes by the name Ambaa.

Interestingly enough, she’s white.

It took me by surprise. I guess its kind of like Mexican Jews: I’m sure they exist, but good luck finding one.

So, why is she Hindu?

I am unusual in that I come to Hinduism as a natural step from my own upbringing and not because I learned about it from someone I was trying to build a life with.

Again: Interesting! A lot of people change religions (for reasons I still don’t quite get) for the people they marry.

Not Ambaa. She did it for other reasons (which I’m sure we’ll all have fun debating later…).

It turns out Ambaa also wrote a book in which she answers questions like “Can we explore and connect to a religion that is not traditionally followed by our ancestors?” and “What does Hinduism look like through non-Indian eyes?”

And this was one of the comments someone left her on Amazon:

… the hell?!

I normally don’t care about what trolls have to say, but this seemed like a sincere comment made by a complete jackass. Maybe I’m just sensitive to it because I’ve also worked hard on books (and certain blog posts) only to have one idiotic comment frustrate me. Maybe it’s because I’ve had Christians tell me I’m an atheist for reasons that had nothing to do with logic or reason and everything to do with “hating God,” wanting to rebel, going through a tragedy, or all sorts of other things that had nothing to do with it.

(Not to mention the commenter is just flat-out wrong. I’m *way* more interested in hearing about why Ambaa converted since it wasn’t out of religious/cultural necessity.)

Anyway, you can read Ambaa’s reaction to all this here. Kudos to her for coming to Hinduism on her own terms and not somebody else’s.

(Even if she is about 330,000,000 gods away from being right.)

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