Anti-gay Pastor Louie Giglio Withdraws from Inauguration Ceremony January 10, 2013

Anti-gay Pastor Louie Giglio Withdraws from Inauguration Ceremony

Just days after being selected to deliver the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration, it appears that anti-gay Christian pastor Louie Giglio has withdrawn from the ceremony:

Liberals had pushed for Obama to reconsider his decision due to Giglio’s beliefs about homosexuality and the (Christian) American Family Association had pressured Giglio to step down before people got the crazy idea that he supported/endorsed Obama (which didn’t appear to be a problem for Rick Warren four years ago):

[Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association] says if he were Giglio, he would respectfully decline the invitation.

“Louie Giglio did not say I endorse or embrace President Obama’s political agenda — [but] if I were Louie Giglio,” continued the AFA president, “I would say This could hurt my credibility within the Christian community because it seems to be an implicit endorsement of President Obama by participating.”

No word yet on who his replacement will be — or why we even need a benediction in the first place — but this is a quick bit of good news for supporters of LGBT equality (and paranoid Christians).

I’m sure Giglio and his laminin molecules will be just fine.

***Update***: Here is Giglio’s official statement.

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