School District Will Allow Giant Picture of Jesus to Remain Hanging in Middle School January 9, 2013

School District Will Allow Giant Picture of Jesus to Remain Hanging in Middle School

The administrators at Jackson Middle School (in Jackson, Ohio) have decided to keep the giant picture of Jesus hanging on a wall in their school:

After receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation asking them to remove the painting, the school officials had to weigh whether it was worth defending a sign that had been hanging for 75 years (“Tradition!”)… or avoid a costly lawsuit and do what’s right for the students by taking it down.

Last night, the school board announced that they would throw away money that could be spent on their kids’ education by leaving the picture up there and eventually losing a lawsuit. (Though they probably didn’t use those exact words…)

Superintendent Phil Howard addressed a crowd of hundreds who attended the school board meeting at Jackson High School Tuesday night, saying the board fully supported his decision to leave the portrait in place.

Reaction from those in attendance made it clear which side the majority was on, as those in favor of the picture remaining were applauded. Those in favor of it being removed were booed.

The Constitution is supposed to protect the rights of the minority, not allow the majority to impose their will on everyone else. This is such an obvious promotion of Christianity that FFRF’s Rebecca Markert called it “one of the most egregious” violations of church/state separation she’d ever seen.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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