House GOP Lets Violence Against Women Act Die January 8, 2013

House GOP Lets Violence Against Women Act Die

Despite last minute efforts by Vice President Joe Biden, the Violence Against Women Act — a piece of legislation that ensures that victims of domestic violence receive the help and protection they need — has expired for the first time since 1994.

Why did conservatives — who are already on pretty shaky grounds when it comes to women’s rights — block this legislation? Here’s one theory:

Rep. Eric Cantor and his ilk are literally blocking the re-authorization because the updated bill expands access to help to certain types of people Republicans don’t want to help. Ya know, just like Jesus.

In fact, it would have given domestic violence protection to 30,000,000 more people than before, including “LGBT individuals, undocumented immigrants, and Native American women.”

So let’s recap the House Republican leaders mind-set here: domestic violence protections for straight (and hopefully white) women? Totally okay. Domestic violence protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, illegal, or indigenous women? Totally not cool and worth taking away any protection whatsoever just so it doesn’t happen.

I would go on to say how shocked and outraged I am that this has happened, but honestly I think we’ve all learned not to expect too much from the GOP other than a lot of white noise, some bad haircuts, and the occasional sex scandal.

The good news is that this bill will be back on the floor sometime this year, but who knows what will happen for women who should find themselves needing protection from such unfortunate situations until this bill can be reinstated.

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