Lying Reverend: I Will No Longer Respond to My Critics January 6, 2013

Lying Reverend: I Will No Longer Respond to My Critics

You’ll all be thrilled to learn that The Christian Post‘s Rev. Austin Miles has finally come clean about making a change to an article he wrote, denying making that change, blaming atheists for drawing attention to it, and then accusing those atheists of hacking into his writing account.

Kind of. (Emphasis his.)

A reader attributed a quote to me in the story in question. My response was it was not in the story referenced. And it wasn’t, because of an edit after it went up. I never stated that I did not write the story, but that I did not SEE the reference in the story. My motive was not pure since I frankly wanted to get back at the responder who had misquoted me so often. That was not my finest hour. So I take the blame.

Well… that’s big of him, right?

Not quite.

He admits to writing the quotation in his draft but says it was never posted (which implies that atheists still hacked into his account):

Then he goes on to explain his biggest mistake: Having a conversation with his atheist critics in the first place (emphasis his):

The First Mistake I made was in reading the comments in the first place. I have done that as a courtesy and to possibly find something constructive or informative. In the case of CP, it doesn’t exist. It has, disappointingly, become a forum for bitter, unstable people.

So I have learned a powerful lesson I should have learned years ago while living a high profile public life; One does not answer critics or even read their comments. That is now settled. Too soon oldt….too late schmart.

There’s your Fundamentalist mindset at work: Don’t respond to legitimate criticism. Just ignore it and keep doing what you do.

It’s what Jesus would have done.

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