Lying Reverend Now Accuses Atheists of Hacking His Computer January 4, 2013

Lying Reverend Now Accuses Atheists of Hacking His Computer

A few days ago, I mentioned that Rev. Austin Miles at The Christian Post deleted portions of an article he wrote after atheists called him out on it. Afterwards, he claimed he never wrote those portions of his piece (even though Google Cache said otherwise) and accused the atheists of trying to discredit him.

Now, Miles has a new explanation for what happened: Atheists hacked into his account, saw his rough draft, and used the draft’s words against him before the final version was posted:

It was discovered about two weeks ago that hackers had gained access to the brainstorming rough drafts of planned stories. These drafts are quickly written to keep the idea in the rough, mainly for reference to a possible subject. Much of those drafts are discarded before being developed but kept on file for a time to determine if their use would be viable. THIS is what seems to be most valuable to atheists looking for a launch pin for attack bombs.

They not only put bugs in my computer but managed to grab those drafts and circulate them, even those that were not published, to use them for whatever advantage they could cook up. Some stories were edited by me for space considerations and some that simply did not flow well.

Many times I re-read something when it is posted and immediately trim it down and forget about it. My stories are followed very closely so that the very moment one is published, there is an automatic rush of responses of personal attacks by atheists. My stories are obviously very important and threatening to them.

Apparently a reader of Christian Post commented on a statement that was not even in the story and then accused me of editing it out as soon as he commented on it. Nonsense! The comments are so vicious and insulting that I stopped reading them and will no longer answer a critic.

Well, isn’t that conveeeeenient…?

Miles’ explanation still doesn’t make any sense, though.

First, even if he were being honest, it means he actually wrote the words (“He literally was waterboarding the court with his avalanche of words”) atheists accused him of writing, even if he later edited them out. Before, he spoke as if he never wrote those words at all.

Second, it means that atheists hacked into his blogging account and the worst thing they did was press Control-C on a few paragraphs. Of all the things they could have done…

Miles may be lying so much that he no longer has any clue what the truth is anymore. He said something wrong. He got caught. He refuses to admit any fault. Instead, he accuses people who disagree with him for setting him up.

Need more proof of his irrational behavior? Later in his rant, he made this comment:

The atheist Communist homosexuals are so blinded they have paid no attention to the fact that when the world shift is completed, which will be a much shorter time than anyone expects, homosexuals will be rounded up and executed, which is going on in third-world Islamic-Communist countries today.


Again, I have to ask why the Christian Post still associates with this guy. Why are they so intent on keeping him on board?

(Thanks to ScottyO for the link)

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