‘Atheist Church’ in London Will Hold Its First Service This Weekend January 4, 2013

‘Atheist Church’ in London Will Hold Its First Service This Weekend

British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans are about to begin a free, once-a-month communal gathering for atheists called The Sunday Assembly.

Everyone else, as you might expect, is calling it an “Atheist Church.” Still, it sounds like a wonderful idea:

“We thought it would be a shame not to enjoy the good stuff about religion, like the sense of community, just because of a theological disagreement,” said [Jones]…

The Londonist blog describes the monthly morning meeting, held at a former church in Islington known as The Nave, as a “godless gathering for people who want to hear funny and interesting people talk, sing songs and celebrate life.”

Additionally, The Sunday Assembly’s motto is to “live better, help often and wonder more,” and will include an array of inspirational speakers touching on a new theme each month.

The press is quick to point out that Richard Dawkins once blasted Alain de Botton‘s notion of an atheist church, but it’s not like Dawkins would oppose this kind of gathering. Dawkins thought it was a waste of money to build a huge temple for the sole purpose of promoting atheism… something that’s not happening here.

The first Sunday Assembly takes place this weekend, so if you’re in London, stop by and let us know how it goes!

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